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Lockdown 2.0 - Mental Health and Wellness

As we head into a second national lockdown there are steps that we can take to look after our mental wellbeing.

Using the skills and tricks we learned during the initial lockdown, adapting these and taking extra steps to care for ourselves we can get through this second lockdown together.

Below I have put together some ideas to help us care for ourselves physically and mentally over the coming month;

Check In With Yourself;

  1. Take some time to think about how your new routine will look and think of ways to adapt and create positive new routines

  2. Are there some things that you still need or want to achieve even from home over the next month? If so set some small goals for yourself

  3. Connect with yourself; how are you feeling? What are you enjoying? What do you need?

Enjoy yourself;

  1. Spend some time doing your favourite hobbies; gaming, painting, knitting, watching films, chatting to friends… anything you enjoy

  2. Keep your mind active; complete a crossword, read, write, do a jigsaw or play games

Connect With Others;

  1. Think about new ways to connect with people and to maintain relationships within your life

  2. Working from home? Call your colleagues for a chat rather than send an email

  3. Reconnect with people in your household- maybe dust off an old board game

  4. Video call friends, family and people close to you

  5. Sign up to schemes in your area; many are looking for volunteers to do things like call local people who are isolating alone

Physical Wellbeing;

  1. Sleep; try to maintain your regular sleeping patterns and a nice calming sleep routine

  2. Drink enough water each day

  3. Exercise; do a physical activity you enjoy indoors each day, or outdoors following the guidelines in place

  4. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and include treats


  1. Access credible sources that you can trust for fact checking and up-to date information

  2. Try not to share information on your own social media that you haven’t fact checked

  3. 24/7 access to a constant flow of information from the news and social media can be overwhelming, if you feel this way, set limits to how much time you spend keeping up with what’s going on.

  4. Unfollow social media accounts that you feel do not have a positive impact on you

Find Calm;

  1. Relax, find some time for yourself, and focus on the present moment; meditation, yoga, mindfulness exercises and journaling are a few places to start

  2. Spend some time outdoors, nature has a fantastic way of helping us to relax and feel better, and if you can’t get outdoors, bring some nature indoors, open a window and enjoy the fresh air

Ask For Help;

  1. Research resources available in your area and reach out to them if you would like to be included

  2. Talk about your worries; reach out to friends, family, work, your GP, a counsellor, local charities and organisations

Taking action to maintain our overall health, can offer us a sense of control during these uncertain times. Caring for ourselves and reaching out to those around us will help us to face this global crisis together even while we are physically apart.

If during these unprecedented times, you feel you would like to access therapy but worries about finances are preventing you, please do reach out to me as I am currently able to offer lower rates for up to 6 sessions per person.

Take care and stay safe

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