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Person- Centered Therapy

Person- centred counselling offers, warm, genuine and supportive therapy, giving clients the space and safety to share their concerns, looking at how you feel in yourself regarding what you have come to counselling for. 

This approach believes that each and every one of us, is best placed to govern our own lives. It does not try to offer diagnosis or advise, instead offering a safe and confidential place for you to explore your feelings, thoughts, difficulties and anxieties. Enabling you to arrive at your own conclusions. My biggest aim is to offer a non- judgemental space and to truly listen. Therapy can be a powerful step towards trusting our own inner voice and allow us to continue along our individual journeys through life. 

Clients within person- centred therapy should expect to find empathy, unconditional positive regard and a congruent client- counsellor relationship. Meaning freedom from fear to explore every aspect of themselves and their life. 

Person- Centered Therapy: Services
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