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Kindness #bekind

Being kind to others and kind to ourselves comes with great benefits for all. So today feels like the perfect day to take a quick look at kindness and its positive effects; World Mental Health Day 2020.

Benefits of Kindness

  • Performing acts of kindness have been linked to general well being

  • Being kind can improve our mental health

  • It brings a sense of belonging

  • Reduces loneliness and isolation within the community

  • Strengthens relationships

  • Increases happiness

  • Makes the world a happier place

  • It can make a huge difference to people with suicidal thoughts

Be Kind to Yourself

  • Take time out for yourself

  • Have breaks from social media

  • Watch something that makes you laugh

  • Go for a walk in nature

  • Do something you enjoy; paint, run, have a long bath

  • Treat yourself

  • Cook yourself your favourite meal

  • Read something positive

  • Ask for help, from friends or family

  • Go to therapy

Acts of Kindness

  • Call a friend or family member for a catch up

  • Send some flowers

  • Write a letter to a long lost friend

  • Ask neighbours if they need any help

  • Offer you help with chores

  • Call or visit somebody that you know is on their own

  • Check on those you know are going through a tough time

  • Tell people that you love them

  • Volunteer your time

  • Donate to charity

Being kind to ourselves and others makes a huge difference to our everyday lives. If you think back to a time you faced a hard or sad time in your life, kindness often sticks out as the thing that made those times bearable. From healthcare professionals going that extra mile offering us their empathy, to a neighbour popping round with some flowers, to family showing up; supporting us and supplying endless cups of tea. We remember and cherish these acts of kindness during our most difficult times.

The world needs kindness. Now more than ever, we each need to offer ourselves, those around us and the world our kindness and care.

We all deserve to live in a world over flowing with kindness and love … so get out there, spread the love and kindness and pay it forward.

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